Exit Polls: Americans Deeply Divided After Eight Years of Obama

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The latest data from Election Day exit polls reveals a nation divided sharply along demographic lines — not exactly the kind of change that was promised, and that voters expected, from the presidency of Barack Obama.

The Edison Research exit polls, conducted on behalf of a consortium of mainstream media outlets, show that Donald Trump is winning among non-college educated white voters, 65% to 29%. In 2012, Mitt Romney won the same group — but by a lower margin, Politico reports.

Other interesting tidbits mentioned by Politico include that “more voters say Clinton is honest and trustworthy (38 percent) than describe Trump as honest and trustworthy (32 percent).”

It is not clear whether exit polls are accurate — and, given Trump voters’ hostility to media and pollsters, they may be even less accurate than usual.

Clinton and Trump are splitting college-educated whites, and Clinton is winning younger voters — but by lower margins than Obama won them four years ago, according to Politico.


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