Exclusive — Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly: Call PA GOP Hotline for Any Concerns About Ballots

mandatory voting

As stories of malfunctioning machines in Pennsylvania spread, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Mike Kelly said voters must call the state Republican Party’s hotline if they have a concern.

“Our votes are sacred,” Kelly told Breitbart News.

Kelly said he met a woman in Clinton Township who tried to vote three different times for Donald Trump, but her vote mysteriously switched to Hillary Clinton each time before the voting machine’s screen went blank. She has no idea if her vote was counted and was very upset by the process.

There are 18 different polling sites that have had similar problems taking place, Kelly said. The state party is looking into the discrepancies.

If votes are only being flipped one way, “it’s a computer fix, not a computer glitch,” Kelly said.

Concerned voters can call the GOP hotline: 1-877-91-PAGOP, Kelly said.

Calling the hotline if anything worrying occurs is key, Kelly said, and so is reviewing the vote you cast: Voters “have to look at the [ballot] summary to make sure it’s exactly the way you voted.”

“We’re hearing these things are changing, and it’s all one way,” Kelly said. “You can say, well, maybe it was a computer glitch, but it’s all people voting for Trump. And it’s defaulting to Clinton.”


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