Philadelphia: Multiple Reports of Voter Fraud Hit Social Media

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Reports of voter fraud in Philadelphia showcase the “rigged system” Donald Trump promises to clean up if elected president, as Pennsylvania goes down to the wire as a swing state that could determine the 2016 election.

Reports out of Philly say that Republican poll watchers have been thrown out of polling places throughout the City of Brotherly Love. Local Republicans have taken to social media @PhillyGOP to share their accounts with the nation in real-time.

A small sampling of these tweets (with “minority inspector” referring to Republican inspectors) just from the morning hours of Election Day include:

  • Around 8AM, the Philadelphia Republican Party tweeted, “court-appointed minority inspectors refused entry [to a polling location]. @PhillyPolice have been called.”
  • An hour later: “Update: Ward 64-15: reports of electioneering. Our poll watcher has been barred entry.”
  • Shortly thereafter: “Update: Ward 13-14: Won’t allow our minority inspector in, threatened to call police. Go ahead.”
  • Then around 10AM: “Ward 4 divisions 10, 16, 17—illegal @HillaryClinton lit being distributed inside polling place.”
  • And then: “Update: Ward 12-2 (NW Philly)—Sign-in sheet instead of clerk allowing anybody to come in and vote if they sign. Illegal.”
  • During that same hour: “Court-appointed minority inspector at 17&Spring Garden—“I was just told… I’m not allowed to be in the room & … to wait outside.”
  • Then around 11AM: “Ward 37-9 (North Philly): Poll workers handing out Hillary lit inside polling station.”
  • At 9:38AM this morning, a local election worker, Brittany Foreman, tweeted a video of her explaining voter fraud that she claims to have witnessed at her location, giving specific details in her account.

Most of these tweets were tagged with #VoterFraud.

Political analysts sometimes say that Pennsylvania is “Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Alabama,” meaning that there are two Democratic strongholds in the Keystone State, surrounded by vast expanses of deep-red support for limited government, faith, marriage, and the Second Amendment.

Philadelphia is nothing short of notorious for voter fraud. One of the most infamous examples of voting-law violations in modern history was when The Justice Department secured a court judgment against the Black Panthers for a videotaped incident of voter intimidation, a case that after the government won but before enforcement could take place, Barack Obama’s then-new Attorney General Eric Holder to drop the case and let the Black Panthers go.

Some polls are split regarding whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton is likely to win Pennsylvania, with Republicans complaining that voter fraud is so rampant in Philadelphia that it could steal a victory from Donald Trump if the margin is close.

Trump has been pounding away on the theme that aspects of the system are “rigged” urging his supporters to turn out in massive numbers to ensure victory when the polls close.

Ken Klukowski is senior legal editor for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @kenklukowski.


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