***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Missouri Rally with Rush Limbaugh

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

President Donald Trump will hold his final rally before Tuesday’s midterm elections in Cape Girardeau, MIssouri, on Monday evening.

Conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh will make an appearance in his hometown and Sean Hannity will also be in attendance and interview Trump at the event.

Trump will campaign for GOP Senate candidate Josh Hawley as he seeks to unseat Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO).

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11:47 PM: And now we await tomorrow’s results…

11:40 PM: “Two years ago we shocked the Washington establishment and stunned the world… when we defied the pundits and the critics and rejected the failires of the status quo and elected a government that finally puts America first,” Trump says. He says his supporters weren’t surprised, though.

He says every day since the “failed old ruling class” has tried so hard to claw their way back to power.
“How can they be opposed to the strongest economy we’ve ever had?” Trump wonders, including for Asians, Hispanics, blacks. “There’s gotta be something on their minds.”

He says the the old ruling class are the ones that shipped jobs, stole wealth and lined their pockets at the expense of working-class Americans.

Trump asks voters to vote against the ruling class on Tuesday.

11:31 PM: Trump talking about cracking down on China’s unfair trade policies. He says after years of rebuilding other countries, we are rebuilding our country with American aluminum, American iron, and American steel. He says the steel industry is roaring back to life because of beautiful tariffs.

“Every day is promises made, promises kept,” Trump says.

He talks about his proposals to reduce prescription drugs. (He realized how powerful the office of the presidency really is..)

11:25 PM: Trump says Democrats are encouraging illegal aliens to violate our laws to sign them up for free health care, free education… He says Democrats want them to give them the right to vote… “I can’t imagine why,” Trump says.

Trump says Democrats want “totally open borders, which means crime will pour into our country.” He says Democrats do not want any protection for working Americans re: immigration policies.

11:24 PM: Trump says America can’t protect “really rich” nations… “It’s not fair,” Trump says. “And we’re working it out… We’re talking about a lot of money.”

11:23 PM: Trump says Democrats will eliminate Medicare Advantage while Republicans will protect it for seniors who have earned it and paid for it. He says Republicans will always protect people with preexisting conditions while Democrats will give health care to illegal aliens.

11:20 PM: Trump warns Democrats will raise taxes and destroy Medicare with their socialist takeover of health care if they take back power. Trump still upset about the “one vote” that prevented him from repealing and replacing Obamacare.

11:19 PM: Hawley tells the crowd that McCaskill reminds her of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Blasts McCaskill’s record for supporting open borders as the crowd chants “Lock Her Up!” He says McCaskill has spent a lot of time in politics, voted for amnesty, etc… and has a phony foundation just like Hillary.

11:15 PM: Trump says McCaskill will no longer agree with him on border security on Wednesday if she wins re-election. He says she will no longer remember anything she said about agreeing with Trump on Wednesday and never vote with him. “She’s not going to vote for us,” Trump says, reminding the crowd that she didn’t vote for Kavanaugh. He says McCaskill has one of the most “open-borders voting records” in Congress. She voted against Kate’s Law, against enhanced vetting, and for “deadly sanctuary cities” for criminal illegal aliens.

11:10 PM: Trump praises Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) for his auctioneering skills and gives a shout out to Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO). Trump says Hawley will be a “tireless champion” for the great people of Missouri.

11:05 PM: Trump now talking about Kavanaugh. He blasts the fake accusations against him, including the disgraceful woman who admitted on Friday that she falsely accused him of rape. Trump talks about how much Kavanaugh “suffered.” Trump says Democrats want to “ruin a man or a woman” with “false accusation.” Trump now mocking Feinstein and “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal.

“We energized the Republican Party,” Trump says. “The Democrats overplayed their hands just like they overplay their hands with a lot of things.”

“Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs,” Trump says.

Trump now blasts Democrats for the phony Russia collusion nonsense. He says they said there was no way Trump could get to 270. He says they were right–he got 306 electoral votes.

11:03 PM: Trump talks about the great jobs report and the lowest unemployment and poverty rates for black Americans and  Hispanic Americans.

“There has never been a better time for the American worker,” Trump says.

11:01 PM: Crowd singing “Amazing Grace” for the person who had a medical emergency. “Hopefully she’ll be okay,” Trump says.

10:56 PM: Trump says he represents and is the voice for Americans who have been overlooked, abandoned, neglected, ignored… the deplorables. He says that was a huge “gift” from Clinton.

“Did the speechwriter for the deplorables speech get fired immediately or the following week?” Trump asks. Trump says the “the deplorables are they are the greatest people on earth… they are the smartest.”

There’s a medical emergency in the crowd that has Trump concerned. “Say a little prayer,” Trump says.

10:52 PM: Trump says Hawley has “tremendous talent” and will represent Missouri so well. He says Hawley is leading in the polls.

10:51PM: Trump says his last stop is in Missouri because this is the home of Rush Limbaugh…. and David Limbaugh…”a great lawyer.”

10:47 PM: Trump says “America’s extraordinary comeback is the envy of the entire world. We’re the hottest nation in the world.” He says we have to stop Schumer, Pelosi from “erasing everything that we’ve gained.” Trump says there is no place he would rather be in the last stop of the campaign than Missouri with the great men and women who make the country run.

Crowd chants “Four More Years!” Crowds over the weekend chanted “Six More Years!”

10:45 PM: Trump says he and his supporters are driving the media crazy because “we keep winning.” He introduces RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after saying Michigan was “the ballgame.” Trump says McDaniel is “very good on television.”

10:43 PM: Trump now reminiscing about election night. Says “very nice” John King’s hands were shaking at CNN by the big board because there was so much red on the board…

10:38 PM: Trump now going off on the “elites” who have “a lot of hatred in their hearts.” Trump says his supporters are the “super elites.” Trump calls up Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders…

10:36 PM: Trump now introduces Ivanka for some brief platitudes.

10:34 PM: “There’s something happening out there, folks,” Trump says of the huge crowd sizes.

Trump gets how the political establishment works: Trump says if the GOP doesn’t do great, they’ll say he was on the ticket. And if the GOP does great, they’ll say Trump was not on the ticket…

10:32 PM: Trump now introduces Justice Jeanine Pirro, who says Trump is the “tip of the spear” who fights for us.

10:29 PM: Trump said Rush can have two hours, three hours, there’s nobody like him. There never has been anyone like him. Trump says Rush is “tough” but a real good guy. He says there’s nobody you want on your side when “he’s with you.” Trump says Hannity also says there’s nobody like Rush before giving a shout out to Lee Greenwood.

Trump invites Hannity up, who says all the people in the back are “fake news.”

10:23 PM: Rush introduces Trump and the arena goes nuts. Trump might as well say, “Finally, The Donald Has Come Back to Missouri.”

10:21 PM: Rush blasts the elite for being angry at MAGA voters they have never had a clue about, don’t have a clue about, and will never have a clue about: “The real anger at Trump is actually aimed at you for having elected him.”

10:20 PM: Rush say Trump is “indefatigable…doesn’t get tired… just keeps going.”

He says Trump doesn’t have to put up with this but “thank God” he puts up with the abuse.

“We’re defending an America that has strayed from our founding. Nothing to with race. Nothing to do with gender. Nothing to do with any of the identity politics labels. It has to do with culture. It has to do with protecting and defending the Constitution.”

10:18 PM: Rush says to Trump, “Make America Great Again” is “not a slogan, it’s an objective.” He says politicians think MAGA voters were just “stupid” to vote for Trump because they don’t know any better and “there’s so much to learn.” Rush says the elite think MAGA voters are poor, uneducated, and angry. Rush say they are not angry, they just want to make the country great again and they have someone in Trump who will have their backs and stand up for them.

10:16 PM: Rush mocks Bill and Hillary Clinton’s national stadium tour. He says Biden can’t even fill a phone booth. He says there is “no other politician with a connection to voters like this and Washington can’t stand it.” Rush says he didn’t at first thing Trump could win until he saw the connection Trump made with voters.

Rush says the caravan isn’t about race even though the media want to demonize those opposed to illegal immigration as racists. He says it’s about the rule of law.

“Why should we stand aside and let people break the law?” Rush asks.

Rush continues: “We get all these labels thrown at us. We love our country and we want the best for everybody in it… We want everybody to be great. We want everybody to experience the American Dream.”

10:15 PM: Rush says the Democrats haven’t even accepted that they lost the election in 2016. It’s serious stuff All of this.

Rush says that for the last two years, newspapers and anonymous sources have tried to say Trump colluded with the Russians without any evidence. “Zilch. Zero. Nada. It didn’t happen. It was all made up.”

Rush says “Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia. Hillary Clinton rigged that election.”
Crowd chants “Lock her up!”

“These rallies are the envy of official Washington,” Rush says. He says there isn’t a single elected official in either party who could do what Trump does. “They are jealous. They are envious. This isn’t supposed to happen. You people are supposed to love them. Not Trump.”

10:10 PM: Rush Limbaugh getting ready to introduce Trump. Rush says it’s an honor to be at one of Trump’s rallies.

part o10:01 PM: Hannity is interviewing Trump, and Trump agrees that he left it all on the field for the 2018 midterms. Trump is now ready to take the stage.

9:45 PM: Raucous crowd in the Show Me State for Trump’s final rally before the midterms.


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