Democrat Who Voted for Fracking Campaigns Against Fracking

Democrat Who Voted for Fracking Campaigns Against Fracking

Marin County is having a good laugh–and no small bit of outrage–at Assemblyman Marc Levine’s expense, after the local Press Democrat caught Levine sending mailers to his constituents calling for a moratorium on fracking, even though he had voted to authorize it in a bill, SB 4, that passed the State Senate last year.

In the mailer, which was sent acrosss in Marin, Napa, and Sonoma counties, the San Rafael Democrat calls fracking “one of the most significant threats to our environment in a generation.” His opponents are calling his mailer a threat to campaign finance laws, since it was paid for by a committee that deals with ballot initiatives.

Levine has responded by denying any hypocrisy, claiming that he can support regulations on fracking even while opposing the practice itself. The Press Democrat‘s editorial writers aren’t buying it, and have given Levine a “thumbs down” for his use of ballot initiative money for what amounts to a campaign mailing.