San Diego Outpaces California Jobs in March

San Diego Outpaces California Jobs in March

Republican-led San Diego experienced a greater decrease in unemployment than California as a whole, according to an ADP March jobs report. 

The City of San Diego has been governed by Republican Mayors for approximately 18 of the last 20 years. Given the dominant Democrat influence in the state and San Diego’s lead in employment numbers, it is notable that San Diego experienced an increase of 12,700 nonfarm jobs, according to a Union-Tribune article, and a decrease to 6.9% unemployment. California State unemployment improved in the last year, but remains high at 8.1%. By comparison, nationwide unemployment stands at 6.7%, according to the ADP statistics.

The U-T article also stated, “Over the past 12 months, employers have added 32,600 people to payrolls, for 2.5 percent annual growth. That outpaces Orange County, Los Angeles, the state, and the nation.”

This information comes at a time when gas and food prices have been on the rise. California is reported to have some of the highest gas prices in the nation. According to Breitbart contributor Chriss Street, “California’s gasoline taxes average $0.23 higher per gallon than their regional neighbors and $0.28 higher than Texas.” Street also conveyed in an April 7 article that, “Californians now pay $.72 per gallon more for gasoline than Texans.”

Texas posted an increase of 28,650 in nonfarm, private employment in March, in comparison to California’s 25,510, as published by ADP.

The Union-Tribune also noted, “More than 1.5 million Californians remain unemployed.”

A recent PPIC Poll shows the issues of jobs and the economy to be the greatest concern to Californians at 32%. In San Diego and Orange Counties, 44% expect good economic times in the next 12 months, while the state average is 46%. If California were to adopt more Republican economic policies, such as those leading the charge in San Diego as well as Texas, California would likely see a more dramatic shift toward a positive employment rate and have greater probability of “good times” financially.

The ADP March Jobs report compiles nonfarm, private employment information for national, state, and regional areas.