Fake Cop Allegedly Targeted Central American Aliens for Sexual Assault

Fake Cop Allegedly Targeted Central American Aliens for Sexual Assault

A licensed San Francisco security guard allegedly posed as a police officer and attempted to sexually assault immigrant men by luring them into his home. 

Authorities have alleged that Jeffrey Bugai, 35, convinced at least two men with limited English-speaking abilities to come to his home, where he proceeded to drug them, handcuff them, and force them to perform sexual acts, according to the San Franciso Chronicle

It is not known how many victims Bugai might have assaulted, as police believe the individuals Bugai allegedly preyed upon are not coming forward for fear of being deported. Authorities also believe Bugai may have threatened his victims with deportation and police retaliation, notes the Chronicle.

Bugai was arrested five days prior to a July 15 arraignment in which he pleaded not guilty to two counts of kidnapping to commit a sexual offense and single counts of attempted forced sodomy, attempted forcible oral copulation, and assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense, reports the Chronicle

Several documented incidents in Bugai’s past include his being accused, at lease three times in 1999, of wearing a white coat in order to pose as a health care worker at a Michigan hospital. 

Investigators are asking anyone with information to call San Francisco police at (415) 553-0123.

Photo: San Francisco Chronicle/SFPD


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