Californians Suffer Ebola-Related Loss, Fear the Worst for Relatives in Africa

Californians Suffer Ebola-Related Loss, Fear the Worst for Relatives in Africa

Test results for an Ebola scare in Sacramento have come back negative. However, the negative news that California’s state capital has suffered the loss of one of their children to the deadly disease in Africa has Sacramento’s Liberian community fearing the worst for their relatives and friends in the Ebola-stricken nation.

“Every time I think about it, I burst out into tears. I was notexpecting for a good child like that to just go within one or two days’ time of the deadly disease Ebola,” Florence Brown said to local Fox News affiliate in Sacramento KTXL.

Brown said she was devastated upon discovering that her adopted son Bobby Weh, 27, is nowamong those dead. He reportedly passed away two weeks ago in Brown’snative Liberia. Brown had adopted Bobbyalmost 20 years ago while she was living in her native country.

The Ebola outbreak in Africa has brought about the deaths of over 1,300 and counting.  It is deemed the worst epidemic in recorded history.

Pastor Tim Wulah of the Friends in Jesus International Church of the Nazarene in Sacramento (also known as “The African Church”) told KTXL that he is afraid. “It’s human nature.” Pastor Wullah and multiple congregants in his church have suffered the loss of family members due to Ebola over the last month. “We are all wondering who’s next,” Wulah said.

The church will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday seeking basic medical supplies to be sent to people in Liberia who need them and who are connected directly to members of his church, KTXL notes.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about the drive can visit the church’s website by clicking here.