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Woman Stripped, Beaten, and Chased in Fresno, Police Search for Attackers

Woman Stripped, Beaten, and Chased in Fresno, Police Search for Attackers

The Fresno Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying a group of people who forced a woman to strip naked, then proceeded to beat her and chase her down a Fresno street on Saturday. A video of the attack was reportedly recorded and uploaded to Facebook.

In the video, a woman in a red tank-top can be seen punching and kicking the naked, unidentified 20-year-old victim while bystanders laugh loudly and make no attempt to contact police. 

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told local ABC News that the callous attitude of the bystanders is the most disturbing part of the video, and called on the public for help identifying those involved with the attack.

“All during the time, you have individuals which are part of the bulldog gang barking at her,” Dyer said. “We are going to be continuing to pursue this case, but we need people to come forth with information.”

According to the local ABC News report, police have already recovered a tablet device used to record the attack. Chief Dyer said police are attempting to determine if the teenager who uploaded the video to Facebook could face criminal charges.

Police have also reportedly narrowed the search down to four main suspects. So far, all police know is that the main aggressor’s “street name” is “Baby Dreamer.” Fresno police are also looking for other individuals who may have recorded the attack, who could face their own charges.

Image: Screenshot/KFSN-ABC 30


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