Woman Passes Out In Middle of SD Highway 805

Passed out on 805 (ABC 10 News Screenshot / YouTube)
ABC 10 News raw video - Screenshot / YouTube

A 25-year-old female student from San Diego State University passed out while driving early Friday morning, leaving her black Chrysler Sebring stopped in the middle of I-805 near Kearny Mesa around 1 a.m. while, miraculously, other cars speeding by managed to evade the vehicle, according to 10News.

10 News Breaking Newstracker Paul Anderegg saw the car driven by Amber Dlaine McKinney Morgan and alerted 911; while he waited for them, he ran to the car and tried to wake Morgan up, without success.

Officer Sergio Flores with the California Highway Patrol arrived and hammered on Morgan’s window, but there was still no response.  Suddenly the car started rolling as the unconscious Morgan took her foot off the brake; Flores chased it, attempting to use his flashlight to smash the driver’s side window, He finally succeeded, reached into the car and shifted the car into park.

While police dealt with the situation, they had to close several lanes on the freeway.

Morgan managed to wake up, after which she was removed, handcuffed and booked for DUI. Police found a large bottle of alcohol and a mixer inside the Sebring. Bail was set at $2,500.


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