Beards Loaded with Bacteria Found in Toilets

beard 7991

US psychologist Robert Pellegrini contends, “the male beard communicates an heroic image of the independent, sturdy, and resourceful pioneer, ready, willing and able to do manly things”.

Unfortunately, those furry things on men’s faces known as beards contain much of the same bacteria as found in your toilet.

In compliance with a KOAT-TV study performed by Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic, a group of men allowed their beards to be  examined and swabbed for bacteria. Many of the beards had normal bacteria, however some of the beards contained bacteria one might find disturbing.

“I’m usually not surprised and I was surprised by this,” Golobic said. “Those are the types of things you’d find in (fecal matter).”

Although the amount of bacteria was not enough to lead to illness, the microbiologist insists that, “There would be a degree of uncleanliness that would be somewhat disturbing.”

Golobic recommends that if you have a beard to wash it frequently. Moreover, you should wash your hands to avoid transferring bacteria. “Try to keep your hands away from your face, as much as possible,” he added.


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