Lockdown: Breitbart on Scene in San Bernardino

San Bernardino, CA

SAN BERNARDINO, California — The town is eerily quiet, as you might expect following the atrocity in San Bernardino earlier today.

At around 11 a.m. PST, three gunmen are said to have entered the Inland Regional Center, a place for “developmentally disabled adults”–and opened fire on people enjoying a holiday event.

At the time of reporting, there are 14 people dead, with 17 injured. ! police officer engaged in a shootout with the suspects is believed to have been hit by a ricocheted bullet. He is said to be in stable condition. Two suspects–one male, one female–are dead, and a third is in custody.


Streets closed in San Bernardino (Breitbart News Network)

The questions floating around when you hear the conversations on the streets of San Bernardino are what you might expect: a similar response to the Paris Attacks on November 13th, and similar still to the reactions of Brussels residents following the lockdown there just last week.

“Have they found anyone?… Are the streets reopened?… Is is terrorism?”

Some of these questions may remain unanswered for some time–but police and local authorities are keeping residents and media informed on a rolling basis, albeit with contrary reports hitting news agencies via the local police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At the time of reporting, the police tell us San Bernardino Avenue is “still an active crime scene” and stated the fact there were multiple other active crime scenes.

Sources in the U.S. Customs and Border protection agency have told Breitbart News:

“[W]e get alerts at the San Ysidro POE (SYS) when something like this happens… monitor southbound foot and vehicle traffic. We also receive BOL (be on the lookout).

“We may also offer use of our assets such as special reaction teams (SRT). Like the ones who shot and killed that escaped fugitive in upstate New York. But it’s up to those in charge if they want us to assist.”


San Bernardino Avenue Closed Off (Breitbart News Network)

Roads in Redlands have been blocked off, with traffic calming measures in place to dissuade local residents and journalists from entering the areas.

SWAT teams have been raiding houses in the Redlands area, and the attackers, with their “tactical gear” and “assault-style rifles,” are believed to be accounted for as of this evening.

As ever, with an ongoing active shooter situation, details remain unnervingly thin, though the name “Sayeed Farouk” keeps popping up.

If indeed this incident is related to jihadi terror, it will bring with it a fresh debate about America’s immigration policies, and indeed the country’s commitment to fighting radical Islam.

If not, it will no doubt be seized upon, as has already been the case in the mainstream media, by gun control advocates who attempt to exploit every criminal activity as a means by which to repeal America’s Second Amendment.


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