‘2 Grannies’ in Lamborghini Go Viral

Grannies in Lamborghini (ScreenShot / YouTube)
ScreenShot / YouTube

Grannies Peggy Glenn and Audrey Linden took out a Lamborghini for the day — and it was all caught on video. The YouTube short has now scored over one million hits since it was posted just four days ago.

The video opens on the two grannies attempting just to open the unique 650hp Lamborghini doors and ease into the tight interior as one says, “Up, up you go. Granny’s got the Lambo today, granny’s got the Lambo.”

Donut Media loaned the luxury Italian automobile to the lovely ladies for the day and documented what happened as they took a trip to the grocery store and waved to gawking bystanders.

“Purrs like a kitten,” one of the grannies says, as they start it up and head down the road. “We could tear rubber, but that car ahead of us is just goin too d**m slow.” They celebrate over their self-determined “Lamborghini Queens” moniker.

As they arrive at the grocery store, the ladies look to be pulling into a handicapped space, but appear to park in the space next to it instead. As they look for the trunk in the high performance vehicle into which to put their groceries, an older man comes by and asks if the ladies have space for him in there, too.

At just over three minutes, the video is making its rounds on the Internet and giving Glenn and Linden their 15 minutes of fame and Donut Media some nice publicity. The production company focuses on “digital media for the next generation of automotive and motorsports enthusiasts,” according to its YouTube description.

According to CBS Los Angeles, there were 855,558 views when news of the story was posted at around 10pm on Sunday night; by nearly noon on Monday, the video was up to 1,082,470 hits.

Street Standard provided the sports car and Donut Media announced its thanks both to the two grannies and to the Lambo-lender.

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