Left-Wing Warriors Fans Credit Bernie Sanders for Game 7 Win

Bernie Sanders Golden State Warriors (Ezra Shaw / Getty)
Ezra Shaw / Getty

The Golden State Warriors trailed the Oklahoma City Thunder, 48-42, at the end of the first half of Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. Then Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) arrived.

The Warriors rallied in the third quarter behind revived three-point shooting and came back to defeat the Thunder soundly, 96-88. And some Warriors fans are crediting Sanders for the win.

Controversial Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King noted the shift:

CNN commentator Van Jones, a former Oakland-area community organizer and political activist, also made the connection:

Soon, the mainstream media were asking the same question:

From the Boston Globe article:

Maybe Bernie Sanders is exactly what the Golden State Warriors needed.

Sanders arrived at halftime to watch Game 7 of the Western Conference finals in Oakland, Calif. The Oklahoma City Thunder were up, 48-42 over the Warriors. The winning team would face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. The losing team would go home.

With Sanders watching, the Warriors outscored the Thunder by 17 points in the third quarter on their way to a 96-88 win, setting up a rematch for the title with the Cavaliers.

More realistic Sanders fans saw the game as a “good omen,” rather than cause-and-effect. Sanders told reporters, according to CNN: “”They turned it around, I think that is what our campaign is going to do as well; a very good omen for our campaign.”

Skeptics, however, noted that Hillary Clinton has already built a near-insurmountable delegate lead over Sanders, and predicted disappointment:

The Warriors will play the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. Coincidentally, Cleveland is also hosting the Republican National Convention in July.

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