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NFL Players React on Twitter to President Trump Calling Out Anthem Protesters

President Trump minced no words when it came to how he feels about NFL players who protest the playing of the national anthem. Speaking at a rally for Luther Strange, Republican candidate for Senate, Trump called the protesting players “SOB’s” and said he hoped they’d get “fired.”

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Shaun King ‘Boycotts’ NFL for ‘Bigotry’ and ‘Anti-Blackness’

On Tuesday, Shaun King, the “senior justice writer” for the New York Daily News, announced his boycott of the National Football League. The former black lives matter spokesman, deposed when it was discovered that he is white, not the African American he claimed to be, accused the NFL of being “bigoted” against black people.


Shaun King Says He Is 75% White

Former Black Lives Matter figurehead Shaun King has now revealed he is 75% white in an attempt to clear up ongoing allegations about his racial identity.

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Shaun King: Bernie Sanders Is Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare

Shaun King, a “social justice warrior” known for his affiliation with the Black Lives Matter movement, penned an op-ed in the New York Daily News on Wednesday arguing that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the only person who can beat Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.