WATCH: Gardener’s Profanity-Laced Meltdown over Gay Pride Mess in Dolores Park

Dolores Park Gay Pride mess (Screenshot / Facebook)
Screenshot / Facebook

Tens of thousands of Gay Pride participants in San Francisco left the newly-remodeled Dolores Park strewn with garbage this past weekend, causing a San Francisco Recreation and Park gardener to have an epic meltdown over social media and rail against the “fucking awful” park-goers who caused the mess.

“The solution is for people to just maybe start giving a fuck or two,” Mark Lujan wrote in a post accompanying a video he posted on social media of the disastrous scene. “But instead they choose to use this park like a fuck dumpster. A LITERAL FUCK DUMPSTER,” he wrote, as noted by LAist.

“I have already picked up a statistically significant number of drug baggies and condoms. Usually also found near a pile of vomit,” Lujan explained.

He went on to explain how “fucking awful” people were by relaying an incident this past weekend when “some folks actually urinated on one of our custodians while she was trying to clean the restroom[.] Yep. Pissed right on her, right through the gate on the bathroom door.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, this weekend’s parade consisted of a Trans March and a Dyke March. It reportedly took a collective 86.5 hours to clean the park up on Monday alone.

The cleanup crew was working through Sunday morning to clean the park. However, on Sunday afternoon, more people showed up and the place looked like a disaster again.

“These are taxpayer dollars being spent on cleanup and resources that are being diverted away from other parks,” Recreation and Park spokesperson Joey Kahn reportedly said. He told LAist, “It’s hard to believe we have to ask adults to clean up after themselves.”

Trash and unsanitary conditions are not strangers to Dolores Park. This past January, the park installed an open-air, public urinal in an attempt to curb its destructive public urination problem. The cement-based, open-air urinal is part of over $20 million in renovations the park has received.

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