Dolores Park

Dolores Park pissoir urinal (@rajbot / Twitter)

Judge: Open-Air ‘Pissoir’ in San Francisco is Constitutional

A San Francisco Superior Court judge ruled last week that visitors to the city’s Dolores Park may relieve themselves using an open-air urinal that was deemed constitutional, despite legal action attempted against it that argued otherwise.

Dolores Park Gay Pride mess (Screenshot / Facebook)

WATCH: Gardener’s Profanity-Laced Meltdown over Gay Pride Mess in Dolores Park

Tens of thousands of Gay Pride participants in San Francisco left the newly-remodeled Dolores Park strewn with garbage this past weekend, causing a San Francisco Recreation and Park gardener to have an epic meltdown over social media and rail against the “fucking awful” park-goers who caused the mess.

Ginger Pride (torbakhopper / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Redheads Gather in San Francisco to Celebrate ‘Ginger Pride Day’

A planned “Ginger Pride Day” event at San Francisco’s Dolores Park has been cancelled by the Events And Facilities Specialist at SF Recreation & Parks due to an overwhelming response from redheads looking to attend the first-ever festival in the region.

silent disco

‘Silent Disco’ Hits San Francisco

Scores of celebratory San Franciscans dancing to synced headphone tunes joined Thursday in a trendy silent disco for the re-opening of San Francisco’s $20.5 million remodeled Dolores Park.