California Democrats are Losing Their Minds over President Trump’s Mental Health

Jackie Speier (Charles Dharapak / Associated Press)
Charles Dharapak / Associated Press

California Democrats are losing their minds over President Donald Trump’s mental health, leading the charge nationally to call for everything from mandatory psychiatric treatment to censure and even impeachment.

Politico’s Carla Marinucci reports on the California House Democrats’ seeming obsession with the President’s mental well-being or lack thereof:

Rep. Zoe Lofgren last week introduced a congressional resolution urging Trump to seek a medical and psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is unfit for the office. Rep. Jackie Speier called for invoking the 25th Amendment — which empowers the vice president and Cabinet to remove a president who is incapable of serving — after a press conference from Trump Tower in which the president appeared to equate white supremacists with counter-protesters. Both followed on the heels of Rep. Ted Lieu’s push for legislation requiring a psychiatrist at the White House.

“[Trump] has demonstrated that his mental capacity and his erratic behavior are issues we need to be concerned about for our national security,” Speier told POLITICO. “And I think I’m not the first person that’s talked about it. I’m just the first person that’s been public about it.”

As news stories abound across the country with pundits pontificating on Trump’s supposed meltdown during his lengthy speech at a Phoenix rally on Tuesday, California elected officials are taking the lead in proposing action to address what they claim is a crisis in the White House.

And it’s not just the Congressional Democrats from California speaking out.

According to the Los Angeles Times, days after the Charlottesville rally, a California Assemblyman —Tony Thurmond, a Richmond Democrat — is pushing for Trump to be censured:

“In legitimizing groups like the KKK and neo-Nazis whose only association is with terror, hate, and death, the President has emboldened those who seek to divide us and inject fear into our communities,” Thurmond said in a statement.

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat, introduced a resolution for a congressional censure Friday.

Censure by the Congress does nothing to remove a president from office.  Ironically, the last president to be censured was one to whom Trump has often compared himself: Andrew Jackson.

Even Trump himself is unafraid to apply the term “crazy” to “describe his decision to take on the Presidency,” according to a New Yorker story: “Most people think I’m crazy to have done this. And I think they’re right.”


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