Report: Tesla Ranked Dead Last in Driverless Vehicle Race


Elon Musk’s Tesla is last in the driverless vehicle race, despite being frequently hyped by the media, according to a report.

Tesla and Apple were listed as the two “biggest laggards” in the race, behind General Motors and Alphabet’s Waymo, which took the top positions.

“Navigant Research has compiled a new report on 19 companies working on automated driving systems, and investors may be surprised to see Tesla Inc (Nasdaq: TSLA) in dead last place in the driverless car race,” reported US News & World Report, Thursday. “Navigant ranked the 19 major companies developing AV technology based on 10 criteria, including vision, market strategy, partnerships, production strategy, technology, product quality and staying power.”

In their report, Navigant claimed Tesla’s “autopilot system on current products has stagnated and, in many respects, regressed since it was first launched in late 2015.”

“More than one year after launching V2, Autopilot still lacks some of the functionality of the original, and there are many anecdotal reports from owners of unpredictable behavior,” they claimed.

Tesla has also become known for repeatedly failing to deliver on vehicle production targets, with frequent delays.

The company’s stock recently plummeted, and they announced their largest quarterly loss in history. in 2017 the company went through several rounds of employee layoffs.

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