Finance Ministry Up In Arms Over Netherlands Cutting Off Some Holocaust Benefits

Flickr / ragesoss

The Jerusalem Post reports: Knesset Finance Committee chairman MK Moshe Gafni is up in arms after learning of a recent decision by the Dutch government to cease paying benefits to Holocaust survivors who have immigrated to Israel.

Speaking in the Knesset on Tuesday, Gafni said that in response to the decision, which was apparently taken because such survivors receive extra benefits, he will soon hold a special committee meeting in which he will summon representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foreign Ministry to convince them to take the lead in dissuading The Hague from its intended course of action.

According to Gafni, the government’s Holocaust Survivors Rights Authority has been aware of the issue but has not yet taken it up on a state level.

Stating his shock, the MK demanded that, “the senior ranks government of Israel… intervene with the government of the Netherlands.”

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