Israel’s Plant Nurseries Face Stiff Fines for Employing Jews on Shabbat

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The Times of Israel reports: A plant nursery has been forced to close on Shabbat after it was notified that it would have to pay huge fines if it continues to employ Jewish employees on Saturdays.

According to a Facebook post earlier this week by Galit Or, an employee of the Saloner Nursery in central Israel, the nursery was warned it would face a NIS 321,000 penalty ($83,000) for violating the prohibition on working on Shabbat, which is part of the Hours of Work and Rest Law.

The law, which aims to protect employees from exploitation, dates back to 1951 and is loosely enforced. Many businesses considered houses of entertainment (cinemas, theaters etc.) are allowed open on Saturdays, while other businesses compensate employees working on Shabbat with higher pay. Other businesses, by their nature, must remain active also on weekends and holidays.

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