Hezbollah Launches Social Media Campaign Against Opposing Shi’ite Site ‘Operated By Israel’


The Jerusalem Post reports: Hezbollah supporters launched a social media campaign against a Shi’ite news site opposing the terror organization, describing it as an “Israeli agent,” Lebanese media reported.

On Wednesday, the editors of the Shi’ite site Janubia announced that “the site has been witnessing threats from Hezbollah’s activists on social media networks in the past few hours.”

A statement released on the site about Hezbollah’s campaign read: “The neutral and moderate policy of Janubia which opposes anything hurting Lebanese nationalism is considered by Hezbollah as espionage for Israel. Anyone opposing the Iranian project of Hezbollah and refusing to obey its policies is accused by the organization of espionage.”

“The existence of a Shi’ite voice opposing Hezbollah poses a greater threat to the organization than the weapons of its Sunnis opponents, since it comes from within the country,” the statement further read.

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