Young Israeli Genius Making Breakthroughs In Neuroscience

AP Photo/David Duprey
AP Photo/David Duprey

Ynetnews reports:  At the age of 16, while Amir Goldenthal’s friends were busy with matriculation exams, he was at the end of the first year of undergraduate physics – and starting his doctorate.

The unprecedented decision by the heads of the Department of Physics and the Center for Neuroscience Studies at Bar-Ilan University – to allow the young teenager to begin his doctoral studies – proved very quickly to be successful, when Goldenthal completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees with honors, published articles in international scientific journals, and was selected to attend a convention of Nobel Prize winners in Japan, which was set to bring together past and future world influencers.

Recently, the nearly-20-year-old Goldenthal has been coming to the university every day by taking two buses from Ashdod. His doctoral dissertation work involved breakthroughs in understanding neurological diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

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