Dubai Official: Israel Sounds Better than Palestine

Jewish settlers, their faces covered, hold up an Israeli flag on the roof of a building in the divided city of Hebron, 15 January 2006.

JAFFA, Israel – A Dubai official has been at the center of a Twitter scandal for praising Israel. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the Head of General Security for the Emirate of Dubai, tweeted that the Muslim Brotherhood is a much bigger enemy of the Arabs than Israel, and that the word “Israel” sounds better than “Palestine,” raising the ire of his compatriots.

“You attack the Muslim Brotherhood for going morally bankrupt, but you, who suck up to the damned Jews, are much worse,” wrote Faysal bin Turki in response.

Hashim Zwawi asked a straightforward question: “How much did they pay you?” referring to Israel.

To which Shaker Zalloum replied: “They paid his mother with the drop of sperm that brought him to this world.”

Tamim, who served as deputy police commissioner when top Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was assassinated in Dubai, seemed unmoved by the criticism.

He tweeted in response: “If only the Jews and the Muslims come together, they’ll be the force of God on earth.”

This tweet was not left unanswered either: “For the Sunni Muslims, the Jews are infidels even though their religion is monotheistic and God sent them a prophet,” wrote Rumathiya.

Tamim has also made disparaging remarks about President Barack Obama, whom he accused of being Shi’ite, for his apparent zeal to strike a deal with Iran on its nuclear program.