Jordanian MPs Launch Petition to Disinivite Israeli Artist

Jordanian King Abdullah II (C) delivers a speech at the parliament, on the occasion of the second regular session in Amman on November 2, 2014.

Jordanian lawmakers have requested that the government revoke an invitation to an Israeli artist to perform in a local festival.

Khalil Attieh wrote a letter to the government on behalf of himself and several other MPs demanding that Nadav Dagon’s participation in this week’s Wadi Ram Nights festival be cancelled.

“You are not welcome in our beloved homeland,” Attieh addressed Dagon in the letter. “Your performance will be a dance on the bodies of the children of Gaza and our Palestinian compatriots. We will not give you this pleasure.”

Although Israel and Jordan maintain full diplomatic relations and high-level security cooperation, public opinion in the kingdom is overwhelmingly anti-Israel.

Last month, the Jordanian parliament passed a law banning Israelis from owning land in the Petra region, citing the presumed infringement of Jordanians’ right to own land in Israel.

“The law is a necessity, because the principle of reciprocity isn’t being upheld, due to Israel’s lack of a legitimate legal status,” they said.

“We are in favor of foreign investments,” they added, “but not at the expense of our holy land. Allowing Jews to purchase land means de facto recognition of Israel’s right to exist.”

Meanwhile, the Jordanian parliament rejected a bill to criminalize alcohol by declaring it a toxic and psychoactive drug.

One of the sponsors of the bill said that alcohol retailers should be named and shamed in social and national media.


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