REPORT: Michigan Public Radio Refused ‘Happy Birthday Israel’ Message

israel flag

According to a report at Deadline Detroit, a Michigan public radio station refused to air a message in honor of Israel’s Independence Day because the broadcast could imply advocacy on behalf of the Jewish state.

Deadline Detriot reports:

Lisa Lis of Oakland County was pleased when she got a message in April from Michigan Radio, a statewide public radio group operated by the University of Michigan. It said because she had donated at least $365, she could sponsor a day’s broadcast and have a message read on air six times

Lis, a self-proclaimed progressive and strong supporter of Israel, whose husband is Israeli and whose son is in the Israeli Defense Forces, wanted her message to celebrate Israel. Eventually she settled on “Happy 68th Birthday Israel.” Israel celebrates Independence Day this year on May 12.

Initially, “blessing” was in her message, but the station said that implied something religious, so she dropped that word. Then the station said it couldn’t accommodate the wish because it needed two months’ notice.

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