Report: Big Name to be Questioned Soon in Netanyahu Probe

Sara Netanyahu
Wikimedia Foundation

The Jerusalem Post reports: A very senior public servant who is knowledgeable about fund-raising will soon be questioned in the probe against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Channel 10 reported on Tuesday.

Channel 2 reported that the police were looking into incidents in which contributors to the prime minister visited his wife, Sara, at the Netanyahus’ hotel when the two of them were abroad, and gave her valuable presents.

Ha’aretz reported on Tuesday that the police are checking if money was transferred from businessmen abroad to Sara and their son Yair for their personal use.

The report said the police were clarifying whether contributions from businessmen primarily from the US were systematically given to Sara and Yair to fund their exorbitant lifestyles.

Channel 2 journalist Amnon Abramovich told the radio station Radio Lelo Hafsaka that in addition to police questioning Netanyahu under caution, Sara and Yair will be questioned as well.

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