Israeli Navy Can Handle Advanced Hezbollah Missile, Outgoing Commander Says

Israeli sailors raise the national and navy flags as they ready to go out on patrol on the 'Devora' gunship from their base in the portal city of Haifa, 26 March 2006. The gunship is going out on a patrol along the Israeli Mediterranean coast. AFP PHOTO/MENAHEM KAHANA (Photo credit …

Ynetnews reports: “Look at this huge ‘Adir’ radar on the missile boat’s deck,” says Major-General Ram Rothberg, as we approach the platform at Haifa’s military port. “From here, this radar can see missiles launched from Turkey to Syria.”

This enthusiasm and teen spirit repeat themselves when fighters of Shayetet 13, the special operations unit which Rothberg commanded in the past, lead us far out at sea from their boat to the deck of the Navy’s newest submarine, INS Rahav, and Rothenberg points at the coastal town of Atlit and says: “The most beautiful place in Israel. Look how pretty, the people, the systems. I get excited seeing this strength.”

The sparkle in eyes of the outgoing Navy chief, who will leave office at the end of September, is apparent as we sail to the submarine on the INS Eilat missile boat as well.

None of the soldiers we met during the sail appeared tense or intimidated by the general. In other corps, a major-general is considered a type of god, one that soldiers see maybe once during their entire service.

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