WATCH: Israel Event at London University Disrupted by Pro-Palestinian Activists

israel protest
Ian Waldie/Getty

Pro-Palestinian activists stormed University College London (UCL) and attempted to shut down an Israel student event by abusing guests and denying others entry to the meeting hall.

Israel advocate Hen Mazzig was scheduled to address the Friends of Israel at UCL  on Thursday night but the protests led by the Friends of Palestine Society began before he could take the podium.

Videos from the meeting reveal protesters banging on the windows and the door to the hall, shouting “Free, free Palestine,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

One guest was met protesters who refused to let him and others into the room to hear the speech.

In a video broadcast on Facebook from inside the hall, Mazzig told followers: “The situation is really out of control, we’re hiding in a room and there are protesters outside.”

No arrests were made and police called to the scene acted as mediators between the two parties. Video released on Twitter showed the extent of the disruption and the response from those who attended.

This is not the first time that pro-Palestinian student activists have sought to stop an Israel student event.

As Breitbart London reported, violent anti-Israel protesters who disrupted an Israel Society event at King’s College, London last January were banned from the campus after it was concluded they “crossed the line” in carrying out their demonstration.

That meeting descended into chaos and dozens of police were deployed after the anti-Israel thugs smashed windows, threw chairs, set off fire alarms and “assaulted” a speaker on January 19. No arrests were made.

Thirteen students’ unions across the UK now back the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement and four have introduced full academic boycotts, meaning representatives of Israeli institutions are banned outright.

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