WATCH: ‘Kill Jews, Americans’ – Osama Bin Laden’s Son Calls for Global Terrorist Attacks

One of the sons of Al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 architect Osama bin Laden has called on Islamist terrorists around the world to kill Jews and attack American interests wherever they are found.

The chilling demand is made by Hamza bin Laden in a 10-minute video which features images of terror attacks around the world including several in Israel. The Saudi-born terrorist encourages Muslims in “America, the West and occupied Palestine” to carry out solo attacks where they are instead of traveling to the Middle East.

“Know that inflicting punishment on Jews and crusaders where you are present is more vexing and severe for the enemy,” he says, according to the video, which was distributed by al-Qaeda media arm as-Sahab and posted to YouTube.

Bin Laden,  who was added to the U.S. counter-terrorism blacklist in January, provided a voiceover for the video centered around “advice for martyrdom-seekers in the West.” He tells followers to “look for Jewish targets everywhere” and to attack American or NATO interests if no Jews can be found. It was immediately noted by terrorism experts:

The video includes footage from at least two attacks in Israel: a Jerusalem truck-ramming that claimed four soldiers on a cultural tour in December 2016, and a November 2015 incident in which a Palestinian woman stabbed and lightly wounded a settlement security guard.

Bin Laden also urges attacks on Russia, and the video features footage of the brutal December 2016 public assassination of Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov.

This is not the first time Hamza bin Laden has tried to rally followers of his dead father. As Breitbart Jerusalem reported, he made a similar call last year.

On that occasion he praised the stabbing attacks by Palestinians against Israelis and called on Muslims from around the world to join the fight to defend Jerusalem, urging them to “participate in the intifada” of their Palestinian brethren by “killing the Jews and attacking their interests everywhere.”

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