WATCH: Jordanian ‘Financial Expert’ Who Claimed Rothschilds Run White House Exposed As Fugitive Wanted By FBI

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TEL AVIV – A Jordanian economic analyst who claimed on national television that the Rothschild family was the “founder of the United States [who] assassinated six U.S. presidents” has been exposed as a fugitive on the FBI’s Most Wanted List on charges of fraud to the tune of several million dollars, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported.

As Breitbart Jerusalem reported, an anti-Semitic program recently aired on Jordan’s Altaghier TV hosted “financial expert” Mohammad Sami Abugoush who claimed that “the Jews” control the White House and are also willfully withholding the cure for diseases including cancer and AIDS.

On Tuesday, MEMRI revealed that Abugoush, who also accuses Jews of controlling the world’s banks, can be found under the “Fugitive” tab on the “Most Wanted” section of the FBI’s website. He is wanted on several counts of fraud dating back more than a decade and amounting to millions of dollars.

In 2005, the FBI said, Abugoush “was charged with conspiracy to commit credit card fraud after he allegedly committed more than one million dollars in credit card fraud.”

“Abugoush was a mid-level member of a large Middle Eastern Criminal Enterprise (MECE) operating in New Jersey and elsewhere. The MECE was engaged in numerous financial fraud schemes and was linked to approximately seven million dollars in fraud,” the website added.

It also said that in 2010 “a federal arrest warrant was issued for Abugoush after he was charged with conspiracy to commit bank fraud.”

Abugoush said the Rothschilds are “prophets of money and bonds.”

As well as controlling “half of the world’s wealth,” he claimed the family, which he repeatedly noted  are Jewish, also own “one-third of the planet’s fresh water,” Abugoush said.

The Rothschild family also has “the final say regarding the price of gold around the world, controls the American media and owns most of the world’s banks,” Abugoush’s wild conspiracy went.

They also “own CNN and Hollywood” as well as “80% of Israeli settlements.”

“Any leader who refused to deal with the Rothschilds would be assassinated. He would be killed, ostracized or accused of being crazy,” he charged.

Abugoush further claimed that the Rothschilds were behind the “assassinations” of U.S. presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, Harrison, Tyler and Jackson.  Abugoush’s wild claims ignore that neither Harrison, Tyler or Jackson were assassinated. Jackson escaped an assassination attempt while Harrison died of a pneumonia.

Watch the video of Abugoush’s interview below.


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