Listen – Aaron Klein: Put Metal Detectors In U.S. Subways, Train Stations

New York Subway
AP/Mark Lennihan

NEW YORK — In the wake of the London subway terrorist attack last week, the U.S. should immediately install metal detectors at subways, train stations and other public transportation hubs, Breitbart Senior Reporter and Jerusalem Bureau Chief Aaron Klein suggested on Sunday night.

Klein further advocated the possibility of adopting the Israeli model of employing private security guards at soft targets like movie theaters, schools, night clubs, shopping centers and restaurants. And he urged churches and synagogues to have at least one congregant in attendance legally armed and trained in the use of firearms in the event of an attack.

Klein made the comments last night on his talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Listen to the segment here:

“We are sitting ducks here in New York,” stated Klein, broadcasting from AM 970’s radio studio near Ground Zero in Manhattan. “And unless we do something about it, mark my words we are looking at disaster.”

“The question becomes what should we do about it. I think there is one thing and one thing only. Unfortunately, to adopt the Israeli model and to do it right now before it is too late.”

Continued Klein:

In New York, I have seen so many vulnerabilities that are waiting for devastation. We need to go on offense now. …

I understand the reluctance as an American. I’ve lived in Tel Aviv for 12 years. I know what it is like. And so because we champion freedom here, we don’t exactly want to live the way I had to live. But actually you get used to it. So you go through a metal detector. And I advocate this for the entire public transportation system. We should implement metal detectors at the very least for anybody getting on a subway. Train. Whatever it is. Unfortunately, with buses it is very difficult to do that.

Of course, it is not one hundred percent foolproof. Nothing is. But in the age of terrorism we are sticking our heads in the sand to continue to believe that we don’t have to do this. Because we do. Every major city should be doing this. And not just every city. Also private institutions. I’m talking about churches. I’m talking about synagogues. I’m talking about every Christian and Jewish private school. Train the teachers on weaponry. Train congregants.

When it comes to protecting private soft targets, like cafes, shopping malls and nightclubs, Klein described the Israeli model of using private guards with a small security fee – about $0.25 – added to the customer’s bill to pay for the protection.

Klein added, “Do something about it now so that I don’t have to do a broadcast in the future replaying this telling you that I told you so. Because I did tell you so.”

The Associated Press reported on last week’s subway attack in London:

Thirty people were injured when an improvised explosive device partly exploded aboard a crowded London Underground train at Parsons Green station during the morning rush hour. None of the injuries was life-threatening, and experts said it appears the main charge of the bomb didn’t detonate.

After the rush-hour bombing, British officials raised the country’s terror threat level to the highest level, “critical,” meaning an attack may be imminent. They lowered it Sunday to “severe,” and police said the investigation was making rapid progress.


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