WATCH – Aaron Klein: U.S., Russia Talks Critical to Rid Syria of Iranian Military

NEW YORK — The issue of Iran’s foreign military presence in Syria highlights the importance of continued U.S. dialogue with Russia, contended Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein.

In a panel discussion on Israel’s i24NEWS (video above), Klein blamed the Obama administration for turning a blind eye to military buildups by Russia and Iran in Syria, with both countries taking advantage of the instability created by the civil war targeting Bashar Assad’s regime.

Klein also stated that Israeli strikes have been devastating Iran-tied military sites in Syria, and argued that those actions were a result of talks between the U.S., Russia and Israel.

Referring to Iran’s presence in Syria, Klein stated, “This topic is exactly why it is important that the United States needs to talk with Russia.”

“It is not just Israeli interests. It is also American and Western interests not to have Iran militarily embedded in Syria. And we have to say at the end of the day that it is a very good thing that America and Russia are not only a coordinating on this issue, but we are already seeing results.”

“We have seen Israel strike — in fact, devastate — Iran’s military sites where they are heavily influenced in Syria in the last few months,” he stated. “There is no way that didn’t happen without Russian support.”

Continued Klein: “We are talking here about eight years under Barack Obama where Russia was essentially allowed to embed themselves in Syria. And Russia allowed Iran to do what they have done over the last eight years. And so, it is a problem that has accumulated.”

“And now we have not just leadership, not just words, not just rhetoric, but action,” Klein added. “We are seeing it now. We have seen it in the last few weeks and months, and I think we will continue to see it with Israel being allowed to target Iran in Syria.”


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