MILO: Feminists And Muslims Both Hate Free Speech And Fun

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During his speech on the similarities between Islam and feminism at Western Carolina University tonight, MILO proclaimed that a notable common ground two ideologies share is a hatred of free speech and fun.

“Islam, a killjoy religion, considers alcohol, drugs, and, in the case of ISIS, even cigarettes to be ‘haram'” Milo stated. “Feminism, a killjoy ideology, is trying to shut down frat parties, college game days, and drunken romantic trysts because it considers them to be part of ‘rape culture’. Different excuses, same result.”

“I suppose the key difference is that Islam hates sexy women, whereas fat, lesbianic feminists just hate sex” he continued. “But there’s one thing that they both clearly hate — other people having fun”.

Written from prepared remarks.

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