MILO: University of Maryland, I Am Coming for You


MILO warned the University of Maryland that he was coming for them during his talk at the University of Delaware Monday night, after the college imposed a $6,500 security fee on the students organizing Milo’s event just four days before it was due to take place, forcing its cancellation.

“University of Maryland stung the students that I was supposed to speak to on Thursday night with a six and a half thousand dollar security fee, four days from the event,” Milo stated. “Well my response to that is very simple. We will hold an event at the University of Maryland, come hell or high water, because they are a public institution and they are not allowed to do that to their students.”

“In addition to that, I will make my entire talk one hour and a half dedicated to the destruction of free speech at the University of Maryland campus, and we will send copies of that video to everybody in every alumni network we can find at the University of Maryland,” he continued, as the audience cheered and applauded. “We will send every piece of coverage we do that will shine a light on the administrators in my talk with their names, their photos, their phone numbers, and their email addresses. Of every administrator responsible.”

“You guys are sometimes powerless to fight back against bureaucracies and administrations that hold your educational future in their hands,” concluded Milo. “They have a massive Damoclean sword over your heads, because at any point they can expel you and ruin your life. Well they can’t get me. They’ve got nothing on me, so I intend to continue to advocate for your rights, and the University of Maryland better know that I am coming for them.”

College administrators at the University of Maryland claimed “no involvement” in the cancellation of Milo’s event, despite hiking up the security fees to unaffordable costs just days before.

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