MILO: Hillary ‘Sells Everything That Isn’t Nailed Down’

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MILO joked that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton “sells everything that isn’t nailed down” during his last speech before the election at The Ohio State University on Friday.

“Hillary Clinton sells everything that isn’t nailed down, trades favors for cash and flagrantly breaks the rules at every turn” claimed MILO. “I know that sounds like the Ohio State football program of 5 years ago, but it is in fact the presidential candidate of the current year.”

“Every day we learn in the news about a new division of the FBI that is investigating the Clintons. I feel like I know the organization so well, I should sign up for the academy” he continued, before adding “One of the few federal law enforcement agencies not investigating the Clintons is the Coast Guard, so a big round of applause for Hillary not violating the territorial waters of this great nation. Not yet at least.”

“Many people are suffering from election fatigue. They just want it to be over with, so everything can go back to normal” Milo concluded. “I hate to break it to you, but I suspect the news about the Clinton’s legal troubles will only ramp up after the election, regardless of who wins.”

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