West Virginia Professor Organizes ‘Extra Credit’ Class During Milo Event

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A sociology professor at the University of West Virginia has organised an event at the same time as MILO’s talk at the university, where students will be given extra course credits for attendance.

Daniel Brewster, who works as a sociology instructor at the university and describes himself as a “gay, feminist, champion,” is reportedly known for his leftist politics and attempts to silence conservatives.

A student in Brewster’s class, who wished to remain anonymous, told Breitbart that Brewster announced the extra credit in hope that “it would deter attendance from the other speaker on campus.”

The event is scheduled for 19:00 for two hours, coinciding with MILO’s talk on ‘What Trump Means,’ with students also required to sign in and out to confirm attendance.

When asked by Breitbart about the event, “my event this evening is a part of university’s Multicultural Programming initiative. My event has been scheduled since July for today to commemorate “World AIDS Day.” 

However Brewster did not respond to this reporter’s specific question about whether he hoped his extra credit class would deter students from attending MILO’s event. 

Students who spoke to Breitbart also said that Brewster only revealed that the extra credit was on offer on Monday of this week. 

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