MILO: Margaret Hamilton Was Part Of The Patriarchy


In his talk at Ohio University on defining the patriarchy, MILO explained why the renowned computer scientist Margaret Hamilton is an example of a patriarchal figure.

Margaret Hamilton absolutely is part of the patriarchy. She was the best in her field and contributed the highest caliber of work to the Apollo mission. Her gender and identity were never part of the equation. Only her skill,” he said.

Hamilton, who played an instrumental role in the development of the Apollo Space program, was recently awarded the presidential medal of freedom for her contribution to space travel.

He also compared Hamilton to the type of feminist activists that have been so adorned by the media. 

“Do you think Margaret Hamilton ever put tape over her nipples and joined a slut walk? Do you think she ever made art with her period blood? Of course not. I think she’s the type that would punch you in the mouth if you called her a female programmer instead of a programmer,” he continued. 

“Girls, if you want to be like Margaret Hamilton, pick a subject and never give up,” he added. 

Written from prepared remarks.

Watch MILO’s full talk below.

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