FAKE NEWS: UC Davis Leftists Post Anti-MILO Posters Featuring Fake Rape Quote

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Left-wing students at UC Davis have posted flyers around the campus featuring a fake quote on rape allegedly from Breitbart senior editor MILO, who is scheduled to speak at the college on Friday.

The flyers, which feature the words “SHUT DOWN MILO,” “FIGHT WHITE SUPREMACY,” and “NO PLATFORM FOR HATE SPEECH,” falsely accuse MILO of being many things, including alt-right, a white supremacist, and racist, however it’s the fake alleged quote on rape which aims to rile up protesters in opposition of the dangerous faggot the most.

In a speech bubble titled “On Rape,” the flyer claims that MILO said: “Men are visual animals that quite like to look at sexy women, quite like to rape them sometimes- who cares?”


“This is a flyer that I found in the mens’ bathroom” declared a student, who wanted to remain anonymous, in an email to Breitbart Tech. “So not only will they be trying to block my entrance to your lecture, bought out all your tickets so I cant get a good seat if i even get admitted to the no ticket group, but they are starting their protest a whole hour early.”

The student pointed out the fact that by protesters starting an hour early, one of his lectures would be interrupted.

“Great to know these gender studies majors have nothing better to do than prevent me from getting a real degree” he proclaimed.

Two mainstream media outlets, USA Today and NBC News, were forced to issue corrections on their stories about MILO recently after falsely branding him a “white supremacist” and a member of the alt-right.

After Breitbart News pointed out their lies, the outlets were quick to rectify their articles and issue a correction.

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