MILO Rips CU Boulder’s Original Trans-Racial Professor

Milo CU Boulder Closeup

Breitbart Senior Editor MILO revealed to CU Boulder students during his talk tonight that the “original trans-racial,” Ward Churchill, used to teach as a professor at their school.

“Our culture has become obsessed with white people pretending to be other races. Of course the most famous is Pocahontas, whose evil white people name is Elizabeth Warren,” joked MILO. “Incidentally, my Native American name is Kneels Over For Dark Man.”

“But there are other trans-racials, white people fleeing from the horrors of white privilege by becoming another race. There are Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal, both of whom are white people that pretend to be black,” he continued. “But before all of these frauds were outed as whites, you had one right here! Nutcase professor Ward Churchill is the original trans-racial! He claims to be a native American, but an investigation by the Rocky Mountain News of 142 direct ancestors shows not a drop of Indian in him.”

MILO continued to joke that “As of this morning, I’ve got more black in me than Ward has Indian in him,” before adding that “Pocahontas and Chief Churchill are the smart trans-racials.”

“All Ward had to do to pretend to be Indian was grow his hair out,” MILO explained. “The white people pretending to be black have to tan, and can you imagine Rachel Dolezal’s haircare and tanning bills?”

“Ward Churchill wasn’t smart enough, he was fired for research misconduct like falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism. He hates the white man’s government, but he had no problem taking his case all the way to the state supreme court,” he concluded. “Isn’t that sort of hypocrisy always the case?”

Written from prepared remarks.

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