Honor Vietnam Vets With Jane Fonda and Anti-War Protestors?!

Fayetteville, North Carolina, home of Fort Bragg, is planning a 10-day celebration and homecoming this November to honor Vietnam Vets. Its a honor well deserved. These soldiers, marines, and other vets served our nation honorably. It’s not their fault that we had lousy leadership in Washington that lost the war.

But Fayetteville Mayor Tony Chavonne decided to “honor” the Vets by reaching out to Quaker House, an anti-Vietnam war protesting outfit. And Quaker House said they are glad to participate and intend to show two anti-war films that include Jane Fonda. As in “Hanoi Jane.” This is how they plan to “honor Vietnam vets.”

The Mayor said he reached out to the anti-war protestors so the “full story” of the war could be told. Excuse me, but this is not a history lesson. Its a celebration designated to honor vets for their service. We’re not refighting the Vietnam war here. Mayor Chavonne has had these sort of bright ideas in the past. Earlier he suggested that Fayetteville become a sister city with a town in communist Vietnam.

Quaker House says they won’t force themselves into the event. “If the mayor tells us to go away, we’ll probably go away.” So maybe we should contact the Mayor’s office and tell him to do just that. He can become contacted via email here.