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Peruvian Political Shock Waves


Ollanta Humala, with the total support of the Foro de Sao Paulo (FSP),has won the Peruvian presidential election. Alejandro Pena-Esclusa in his “The Foro de Sao Paulo, A Threat to Freedom in Latin America” in 2009 clearly outlined the ideological threat in Latin America.In 1990 Lulu and Castro invited all the Latin American communist parties, terrorist groups, and radical organizations to form the FSP.

Hugo Chavez and his friend Ollanta Humala

The objective is politically to take over cities, states, departments, and nations by the ballot box in lieu of armed revolution. The FSP will support radical candidates financially and with political organizers. The formula is simple. Mobilize the masses, the disenfranchised with promises of antipoverty agenda and promises of hope. Project an image of moderation versus radical revolutionary. Pretend to be a nationalist, a humanitarian and social progressive leftist.

Successful economic growth can create widespread public dissatisfaction, even in Peru when per capital gross income rose 82% from 2005 to 2010 and poverty fell 50%. Economic growth can create rapid rising social expectation with rapid rising social frustrations. The politico or “demogogo” who promises the most often gets elected.

The issue now in Peru will Humala listen to his radical, Marxist advisors or will he follow a more moderate socialistic policy. Castro economics has totally destroyed the once vibrant Cuban economy. There has been a total loss of freedoms of press, personal liberties, and justice in Cuba. Fidel promised freedoms and he imposed a Communist dictatorship. Chavez in Venezuela is trying to move his nation into a radical dictatorship.

Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Nicaragua have rejected the market economy financial policies. Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay have created economic growth through market economy policies.

To understand the dangerous ideological changes in Latin America, it is time to reread Alejandro Pena-Esclusa’s “The Foro de Sao Paulo, A threat to Freedom in Lain America.”


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