Were Foreign Enemies Behind the 2008 Economic Collapse?

Financial expert Kevin Freeman spends an entire hour with Frank to explain the idea of Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism. Was the 2008 financial collapse a result of economic terrorism? There was an unprecedented loss of wealth as a result of this collapse, $13 trillion in US wealth and $53 trillion in global wealth. Back in the ’90s, the Chinese military knew they could not fight America in a conventional battle and therefore resorted to economic warfare in order to negate American might. The collapse was a result of Bear Raids where a weak financial house is the target of an attack, in this case Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. There were some anonymous people who were betting against these financial institutions and ultimately against the market right before the collapse. Was this a planned event? Evidence points to investors in the Middle East as being behind the Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns attacks. Who was responsible and who knew there would be a financial collapse? Kevin Freeman explains the need to deregulate business in order to encourage people to develop their own small business, as well as regulate foreign influence in American markets. There is also no single agency that is tasked with protecting American businesses and markets from financial terrorism. Is America susceptible to another financial attack?

You can hear Kevin’s interview with Frank at Secure Freedom Radio.