N. Korea Defies UN with Rocket Launch; Launch Fails

N. Korea Defies UN with Rocket Launch; Launch Fails

According to South Korea’s YTN news television, North Korea has launched the rocket it has prepared for the 100th anniversary of the birthday of leader Kim Il-Sung. The launch was prohibited by the United Nations as part of its ban on the Communist nation’s ballistic missile testing.

ABC News reports that US officials have stated they believe the launch has failed.

CNN anchor Barbara Starr has stated the rocket left the launch pad but fell apart mid-flight.

Citing U.S. officials, ABC News now reports that the missile may have plummeted into the sea.

The Pentagon has officially stated to CNN that the missile launch is a failure.

Japanese Minister of Defense Naoki Tanaka states the crash occurred about a minute after takeoff.

The United Nations, which failed to dissuade North Korea from deciding to carry on with the launch, has announced it will convene a 15-nation council on Friday to discuss this rogue act. Reuters reports China will likely stymie any meaningful punitive actions.

Kim Jong-Un, successor to the late Kim Jong-Il, was officially installed as supreme leader of North Korea the same day as the launch, according to the Economic Times.

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