Obama Accepts Big Money From Israel-Hater

Obama Accepts Big Money From Israel-Hater

President Obama’s reelection campaign is willing to take big money raised by a San Francisco city employee who is a poisonous Israel hater. Hala Hijazi, a Jordanian native who describes herself as a Muslim Palestinian, has garnered between $100,000 and $200,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign, according to the Federal Election Committee.

Hijazi’s record as an Israel hater is a long one. In a 2001 San Francisco Chronicle article, Hijazi alleged that Israel wantonly killed Palestinian children. She had nothing to say, however, about Palestinians butchering children in their beds.

She has also accused Israel of destroying places of worship and education: “As God-fearing Americans, (sic) we cannot sit still and continue being silent when our taxpayer dollars are financing a war that is causing the death of innocent civilians and is destroying places of worship and education.

Again, she projects on to Israel exactly what Palestinians have done, whether it be the destruction of Joseph’s Tomb by the Palestinians in 2000 or the Taliban’s destruction of Buddhist holy places. Meanwhile, the Palestinians continue to destroy whatever they can of any artifacts on the Temple Mount that prove the ancient Jewish presence there.

Should we be surprised that Obama is willing to accept big money from an anti-Israel activist?