François Hollande, the One Percent Socialist

François Hollande, the One Percent Socialist

French voters are learning that their newly-elected Socialist president, François Hollande owns three homes on the French Riviera, according to the Daily Mail:

France’s new Socialist president owns three holiday homes in the glamorous Riviera resort of Cannes, it emerged today.

The 57-year-old who ‘dislikes the rich’ and wants to revolutionise his country with high taxes and an onslaught against bankers is in fact hugely wealthy himself.

His assets were published today in the Official Journal, the gazette which contains verified information about France’s government.

Hollande’s “one percent socialism” comes as a surprise to much of the French electorate, to whom he sold himself as a common man with empathy for their economic circumstances.

Once again, socialism proves itself a luxury good.

Not surprisingly, the Agence France-Press news agency describes Hollande’s assets as “modest.”