White House Advisers Meet with Anti-Semitic Evangelical Preacher

White House Advisers Meet with Anti-Semitic Evangelical Preacher

The White House is meeting with a notoriously anti-Israel Christian preacher who runs in anti-Semitic circles. Serge Duss is Director of the New Century Evangelicals project and serves on the board of the New Evangelical Partnership (NEP). 

He has been meeting with high-level Obama officials according to online news outlet Free Beacon, trying to influence the administration with his views. Serge Duss is an ardent advocate of a theory disconnecting Israelis and contemporary Jews from the Bible and the Old Testament, calling that link “mythology.”

To understand Duss’s background and school of thought, we only have to look at the NEP open letter to “American Christian Zionists.” It blames Israel for the failure of the peace process, calls Israel a colonial state, and urges American Christians to embrace Palestinians as “brother and sisters.”

Why would our supposedly pro-Israel president have his closest advisers meet with Serge Guss?

The answers lies in the calendar: we are in an election year, the President is running for a second and last term. He’s setting up matters for that second term, and he plans to turn against Israel publicly as well as privately.


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