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Obama Labels Turkey a 'Responsible' Nation

Obama Labels Turkey a 'Responsible' Nation

Today, President Obama unilaterally labeled Turkey – yes, Islamist, Israel-hating Turkey – a beacon of democracy and human rights. Here’s the full context:

Nations in every part of the world have travelled this hard path. Europe – the bloodiest battlefield of the 20th century – is united, free and at peace. From Brazil to South Africa; from Turkey to South Korea; from India to Indonesia; people of different races, religions, and traditions have lifted millions out of poverty, while respecting the rights of their citizens and meeting their responsibilities as nations.

The idea that Turkey has met its responsibilities as a nation is absurd. Their latest Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is a full-scale Islamist and an ardent opponent of the State of Israel. In fact, his government sponsored the terror flotilla that tried to smuggle goods and weapons into the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

According to the left’s favorite human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, Turkey is replete with violence and repression under Erdogan: “The government has not prioritized human rights reforms since 2005, and freedom of expression and association have both been damaged by the ongoing prosecution and incarceration of journalists, writers, and hundreds of Kurdish political activists, particularly through the misuse of overly broad terrorism laws. Violence against women in Turkey remains endemic. Police continue to use excessive force, particularly against demonstrators, and are rarely held accountable for such violence.”

But according to Obama, Turkey is a fully civilized member of the liberal nationhood contingent.

No wonder he’s so comfortable with the Islamist Arab Spring.


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