U.N. Delays Conference to Ban WMDs in the Middle East

U.N. Delays Conference to Ban WMDs in the Middle East

A U.N. conference to ban nuclear weapons in the Middle East, which was scheduled for mid-December, appears headed for a delay.

Officials indicate the conference will be postponed, rather than canceled. And the reason provided for doing so is the current, contentious atmosphere in the region.

Arab diplomats are said to be upset with the delay, while Israeli diplomats are quite pleased. After all, the creation of a “WMD-Free Middle East” will only serve to lower Israel’s security and their capacity to strike back against a united Arab front.

In fact, Iran and other Arab states are using this moment to point fingers at Israel, accusing the Jewish State of posing “a threat to Middle East peace and security” via their “presumed nuclear arsenal.” But Israel sees things differently, and has yet to officially announce participation in the conference should it happen.

No word yet on whether the conference will address Iran’s development and pursuit of nuclear weapons for their nation.