Documentary Being Created to 'Correct' West's Conception of Islam

Documentary Being Created to 'Correct' West's Conception of Islam

A Qatari-based company is creating a seven part film series to correct the record on the Prophet Mohammed. 

The filmmakers’ goal is to end Western insults of Mohammed in particular and of Islam in general. They hope to counter the message of the YouTube video “Innocence of Muslims” and address what they consider a bigoted and offensive depiction of the Muslim prophet via cartoons that appeared in Danish papers and French magazines.

The film series is scheduled to be created in English, then translated into numerous other languages. 

Those behind the film are consulting “many famous Islamic scholars” to help explain Sharia law to Westerners. But the scholars currently appear divided on which religious figures can and cannot be represented in the film.

While all involved agree that Mohammed cannot be depicted, some are pushing to have his “companions” represented in the movie series. 

There is no announced completion date for the series.